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What Helps Your Dog With Arthritis?


The best start for your struggling dog is low impact exercise that are easy on their bones and joints. Swimming might not be a home remedy for all but its a great way to start off.

According to The Bark, “Maintaining mobility through reasonable exercise is important regardless of a dog’s age and the extent of the arthritis… Non-weight-bearing exercise — swimming, for example — is excellent.”

Keeping your dog’s muscles healthy will help protect their joints in the long run.

Warmer Environment 

Just like humans, dogs experience more pain with colder temperatures. Keep the temperature 1 to 2 degrees higher in the house. Use a electric blanket, and yes start dressing them up with dog clothes.



If your dog is experience a lot of pain due to their arthritis it would be easier on them if they didn’t have to jump or maneuver around the house. Home made ramps can ease movement around the house by not having to use steps to jump. Over time ramps can make a big difference by easing inflammation due to overusing their bodies.

Nail and Foot Care 

Its very important that you keep your dogs toenails clipped properly so their normal walking and running gait is not distorted. Over grown toenails are a lot like uncomfortable and poorly designed shoes that can also lead to arthritis in humans. They place abnormals stress on the joints and ligaments of the feet.



A massage can help ease msucle pain. I am not a expert on giving massages for dogs so I have included a youtube clip that shows how to give your dog a proper massage. I have not tired this but I have heard many great results from giving your dog a massage.


Best Results?

Arthritis for dogs

All these tips can work long term to give relief to your dog. What has worked best is Pet Bounce. Its a all natural oral spray that I would give my dog daily. It worked for him and I was pleased with the results.

I would not mention this product if I did not think it was the best natural way to help my dog. I found out about this product after I found out my dog had arthritis. As any dog owner I was scared knowing he got arthritis. I did my research and found out that Pet Bounce was the best answer. At this time of writing this blog Pet Bounce has a free trial promotion.  My question to you is what are you waiting for?